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Right to withdraw

Extrem s.r.l. purpose is to make customers pleased and satisfied with their purchase.

If you do not like your purchase and you are not satisfied, you can exercise the right to withdraw, without any penalty. You have 30 days from the date you received your product purchased on

You can inform us about your decision and then return the product, shipping the package by our carrier or by post or other carriers.
You have to fill in the MODULE we will send you by e-mail in pdf format. This form must be filled in every part and sent back to our e.mail address:

We will send you an-email to confirm the receipt of your request.

If you proceed differently, without following our instructions, you should prove the correct exercise of the right to withdraw.

Once you completed the right procedure, you can change your returned item with another one or be refunded.

I. Conditions for exercising the right to withdraw

The right to withdraw is exercised properly when you meet the following conditions:

The return form must be filled properly and sent within 30 days from the date you received the products, directly to Extrem s.r.l..
The communication can be sent by e.mail to, always within the above-mentioned terms.

The product you want to return must not be damaged or used.

The identification and warranty tags must be applied to the products.

The product must be returned in its intact original package including all accessories, if any.

Extrem s.r.l. will refund the price of the purchased products only if you respected the relevant terms. We do not hold shipping charges if you return the product by our carrier, but if you use another carrier, you have to pay the shipping charges.

If your return does not respect the above-mentioned terms, you will be contacted by our Customer Service and you can decide to receive the same product at your expense.

If you disagree, we reserve the right to hold your product and the relevant price, so you are not refunded.

II. Time and methods of refund

When we receive your returned goods and check that you respected all necessary conditions, you will receive a confirmation e-mail of acceptance of your returned goods.

Regardless of the payment method that you used (bank transfer, paypal or paypal with credit card), we will provide for the refund or change your product as soon as possible and within 30 days from the date when we became aware of your return.

The timing for crediting or the return of the sum you have paid for the purchased product depends on the method of payment used:

– purchase by bank transfer: the refund will be paid on your account: the crediting time depends on the bank.

– purchase by PayPal: the refund will be paid on your PayPal account and will be immediately visible. The refund on your credit card from your PayPal account depends on the bank that issued the card.

III. Terms for the change of products 

As an alternative to the right to withdraw, you have the opportunity to change the returned product with another product having an equal value.

This request can be made only according to the following limitations:

The possibility to change the product is explicitly mentioned in the Return Form;

You can request the change of one or more products you have purchased only with products of the same model, having different size and/or colors. Anyway, the available options for the change will be indicated in the Return Form we will send you by e-mail.

We should receive your request within and not later than 30 working days from the date of delivery and the return product will be shipped within 30 days from the date of communication through the Return Form;

You can make a single change request for each purchased product;

Returned items must not be damaged or used;

Returned products must be sent in their original packaging;

The returned products must have the identification and warranty tags still applied;

Products to be returned that are part of a single order must be returned in a single shipping; therefore, we reserve the right not to accept products of the same order returned at different times.

If you fulfill all above-mentioned conditions, we will request the substitution and send you a confirmation by e.mail.

IV. Timing and methods to get the change

After receiving the products to be changed and checking that you fulfilled all necessary conditions, we verify the availability in our storehouses.

If the product you have chosen is not available, we cannot accept your request and we will refund the price of the product according to the aforesaid methods.

Instead, if the product is available, we will accept your change request and send you the confirmation of shipping of the replaced product by e-mail. The shipping will be carried out no later than 30 days from the date we became aware of your change request.

Shipping charges for the replaced product will be at our expense only if you have chosen our carrier.

When the price of the purchased product is lower or higher than the product selected for the change, you will not be refunded or pay an extra cost for the difference.

If we cannot accept your change request, due to the non-compliance with the aforesaid conditions, you will be contacted and you can choose if having your product back at your expense. If you disagree this option, we reserve the right to hold the product and the corresponding price.

V. Product tag

All our marketed products are equipped with tag and warranty, since they are quality handmade products. Therefore, we invite you to try on/view the product without removing its tag.


Returns can be shipped by the SDA carrier indicated by, using the sticky label that is inside your package. This method allows Extrem s.r.l. to pay, on your behalf, the shipping and check where your package is, at any time. Contact SDA to organize the package collection. If you want to use a carrier other than the one suggested by Extrem s.r.l., you have to pay the charges personally and you will be responsible for any damage or loss of the product during the transport. In both cases, you have to inform us through the Return Form.

VII. Consumers’ Code

These conditions to exercise the right to withdraw are regulated by the Italian Law and, in particular, by Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 no. 206, on the Consumers’ Code, Chapter 1st: “Consumers’ rights in contracts”.

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