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General conditions of use

Welcome to our website

Your access, the relevant activities and the purchase of products on our website are regulated by these general conditions of use.

The products you can buy on are directly sold by Extrem s.r.l. – Via Abruzzo, 124 – Alba Adriatica (TE) 64011 – Vat no. 01663580676, Share capital Euro 20.000,00 fully paid.

If you need assistance, please, contact us to:

For all legal information, read our sections: General Conditions of Sale, Return Policy and Privacy Policy on

We can modify or update, fully or partly, these General conditions of use.
These modifications will be notified in our Homepage ( once they are notified, they become binding and enforceable.

Therefore, we invite you to visit this section regularly to check the latest version. If you do not agree, fully or partly, these General conditions of use, please do not visit our website.

The access and use of our website, the communication and the possibility to view and download information on our products, as well as their purchase, are activities carried out for personal purposes only, and not for business, entrepreneurial and professional activities.

You will be the only responsible for the use of our website and the relevant contents. We are not responsible for your non-compliant use with the current regulations, except for our liability for fraud or gross negligence.

Liability for any damage to computer systems or data loss resulting from the download of material will not be imputed to us, because, as mentioned above, all downloads fall under your only responsibility.

We disclaim all responsibility for any damage caused by viruses, corrupted files, service interruptions, errors, network, providers or link problems, content deletion, unauthorized access, failure of the equipment.

You will be responsible for the care and proper use of your personal information, including login credentials to our reserved services. We disclaim any liability arising from damage by third parties resulting from the loss, incorrect use or removal of the same information.

1. Privacy Policy

We invite you to read carefully the Privacy Policythat we will apply even in the case you enter our website and use our services without buying any product. The Privacy Policy will help you understand how our website collects and uses your personal data and for what purposes.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

All our contents such as images, photographs, texts, works, music, drawings, logos and any other material in any format published on our website are protected by the copyright and any other rights of intellectual property. The full or partial reproduction of our contents, in any form, without our prior written consent, is not allowed.

We have the right to authorize or prohibit direct or indirect, partial or total, temporary or permanent reproduction of our content, in any manner or form. Therefore, you are authorized to display only.

You are not authorized to any kind of full or partial reproduction of our website content.  Any reproduction activity must be authorized by us. We reserve the right to exercise, at any time, the right to claim authorship of our work and oppose any modification, mutilation or deformation of the works themselves.

Thus, you commit to respect the copyright of our works and all sections and content included in our website

3. Trademarks and Domain Names

We are sole owners of the registered logos and trademarks Extrem s.r.l. and Agata Handbags.

All other distinguishing marks that characterize our products and present on our website are registered trademarks of their respective owners and we use them within the website solely and exclusively in order to advertise, identify, describe our products.

Therefore, we have the right to the exclusive use of our trademarks.

Unless our express and written consent, you are not allowed to use the trademarks to identify products or services which are not similar to ours.

4. Notice on contents

We have taken all necessary measures to prevent the publication on our website of content against or detrimental to your sensibility, considered harmful to civil convictions, personal dignity and human rights.

Moreover, we ensure that the contents of the website include correct and updated information.

We cannot guarantee that our website will operate without interruption or error and with continuity in the event of malfunction of Internet connection. We advise you to contact your Internet service provider and check that the connection devices are functioning properly.

In all other cases, for any problem occurred during the use of our website, we invite you to contact our Customer Care to the following email address: Our staff will help you in restoring the functionality of your access to our website.

We have taken all necessary and mandatory measures to safeguard the safety of our services, the integrity of traffic data and communication of unallowable forms of use. This is to avoid the risk of loss of your data and your information and their possible destruction or dispersion.

5. Enforceable law and dispute resolution

These General Conditions of use are regulated by the Italian Law, in particular by Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 no. 206, on the Consumer Code, Chapter I° “Consumer’s rights in contracts”.

In case of disputes arising from the General Conditions of Use between and its end users, you can contact Extrem srl via e-mail:


General Conditions of Sale

The offer and sale of our products on  are regulated by these general conditions of Sale.

Our products are directly sold by Extrem s.r.l. – Via Abruzzo, 124 – Alba Adriatica (TE) 64011 – Vat no. 01663580676, Share Capital. Euro 20.000,00 fully paid.

For any information, contact us to:

You can find information on orders, shipping, refunds and return of products on .

Remember that you can always contact us via e-mail
For any other legal information, consult the following sections: General conditions of use, Privacy Policy and Return Policy

1. Our Business Policy

1.1 On, we sale products and carry out our activity of e-commerce towards end consumers and as entrepreneurial, professional and business activity.

1.2 These General Conditions of Sale exclusively regulate the offer, transmission and acceptance of purchase orders related to products on between users and us.

1.3 These General Conditions of Sale do not regulate the sale of products or provision of services by persons other than us.

2. How to conclude a contract with Extrem s.r.l.

2.1 In order that your contract of purchase is successful, you have to correctly fill in our order form electronically and send it according to the information you will find on

2.2 Before finalizing your purchase, through the transmission of the order form, you will be asked to agree the General Conditions of Sale and the Return Policy, which you should read carefully and print a copy.

2.3 In the order form, we provide you with brief information on the products you have purchases and their price and shipping charge.
The contract is concluded when we receive your order form by computer.

2.4 Your order form will be included in our database for the necessary period of dispatching of your order and according to the law. You can access your order form, at any time, by visiting the section .

2.5 Before the transmission of your order form, you will be notified that such submission implies the obligation to pay the price. In addition, you will also be asked to correct errors, if any, in entering your data.

2.6 The available language to conclude our contract is Italian language.

2.7 Once concluded the contract, we will undertake the responsibility for your order form.

2.8 We cannot dispatch your orders if there are not enough guarantees of solvency or if they are incomplete or incorrect and if products are not available.
For these cases, you will be informed via e-mail.

If the products you have ordered are not available or not sold anymore on, we will inform you by e-mail within 30 days from the receipt of your order request. Thus, we will refund you for the sum you have paid and the contract will be concluded.

2.9 By sending the order form, you agree and undertake to observe the General Conditions of Sale. If you do not agree or do not understand some of the terms herein, please do not submit your purchase request on

2.10 Submitting your order form, you confirm to be aware of and accept the General Conditions of Sale.

2.11 The product you are going to buy can be shipped worldwide.
Shipping is free in Italy.

3. Guarantees and product prices

3.1 On, we sell luxury and first quality products, which are also certified by the warranty tags. These are handmade and quality products: we personally produce them through strict controls of high quality standards.

3.2 We do not sell illegal, used or poor quality products.

3.3 In each product sheet on, you will find the main specifications of the products. Images and colours could not correspond to the real ones due to the browser or the monitor used.

3.4 Since they are handmade products and follow high quality standards, prices of our products could change: make sure of the final selling price before confirming the purchase order.
The product is fully handmade and it could take a few days to process it because of any new raw material supply. In this case, you will be informed on the time of processing and delivery.

3.5 All our products come with an identification tag and warranty. Please do not remove them in case of product return.

3.6 In case you exercise your right to withdraw, we have the right to not accept the return of the product or not refunding the full amount you have paid if you do not respect the conditions provided by the “right to withdraw” (LINK).

4. Payments

4.1 You can pay according to the methods indicated in the order form: bank transfer, paypal and paypal with credit card.
Under no circumstances, we will charge higher costs in relation to the method of payment you have chosen.

5. Shipping and delivery of products

We ask you to read carefully what is written in the section because there are all necessary information included in the General Conditions of Sale. Therefore, they are to be considered as an integral part of the contract that you will accept by sending your order form.

6. Customer care

6.1 You can require any information to our customer care service:
– by e-mail

– by our form available on

7. Right to withdraw

7.1 Without penalty and specifying the reasons, you have the right to withdraw from our contract, within 30 days, starting from the day you received the purchased product. In the specific cases included in the “right to withdraw” section, you can change your product with another.

7.2 To withdraw from our contract, you can fill in our return form in pdf format (LINK) and submit it online, after filling in it fully. We will send you the confirmation of receipt by email.

7.3 After exercising your right to withdraw from the contract and communicating it, you have to send us the product within 30 days, giving it to our courier or using another type of shipping.

7.4 The costs at your expense are only those related to the return of the purchased products.

7.5 If you use our courier through the request in our Return Form, you will not be charged for any shipping cost. From the time of return, you are exempted from any liability in case of damage or loss of the product itself.

7.6 When you decide to use a different shipping method from ours, you have to pay the shipping charge firsthand.
According to this method, you have the responsibility for any damage or loss of the product.

7.7 The right to withdraw is properly exercised when:
You respect the conditions mentioned in the “Right to Withdraw” section

The return form is properly filled in and submitted online

We receive the form within 30 days from the date you received the purchased product

The product must not be damaged or used

The identification and warranty tags are still applied to the product

The product is returned in its original package and with its accessories, if any

You give the returned product to the courier within 30 days from the communication to withdraw.

7.8 If the methods used for the Right to Withdraw respect all mentioned terms, we will refund the amount paid for the purchase of the product according to the specified methods.

7.9 We will refund the amount paid as quickly as possible and, in any event, within 30 days from the time we became aware of your right to withdraw. We will refund you only and exclusively when we verify the conditions above.

7.10 If the terms and procedures for the exercise of your right to withdraw are not fulfilled, you will not be entitled to your money back. We will notify you the outcome of the verification and the resulting reason for non-repayment. At that point, you can choose to have the product back at your expense. Otherwise, we have the right for retaining both the product and the amount you paid. If you have not met the return conditions, you have not the right to be fully refunded: you may be liable for any diminished value of the product consequently to damage or use. In this case, only an amount less than the price you paid will be refunded, and a percentage to be assessed according to the obvious damage will be deducted. This deduction will be communicated and justified.

8. Timing and methods of refund

8.1 After you return the product to us, we carry out all above-mentioned verifications. If the outcome is positive, we notify you by email the relevant confirmation. If the verification is negative, we contact you by email to inform you and justify the actions we are going to take to conclude the contract: non-fulfillment of the conditions and reduction of the amount, for any damage or wear, from the sum we should give you back.

8.2 We will refund you, fully or partly, as quickly as possible and within 30 days from the date we became aware of your right to withdraw, upon verification of the compliance with the above mentioned conditions.

8.3 We refund you by means of the same payment method you used to buy the product, excepting for you explicit request to act differently.

8.4 We will tell you which carrier we use for products return: SDA

Therefore, you can return the product by our carriers without paying the necessary charges.

This method allow you and us to verify, at any time, where is the package, without incurring the liability in case of damage and loss, during the transport.

8.5 If you choose a carrier other than the one selected by us, you have to pay the shipping charge and will be responsible in case of damage or loss.

9. Privacy

9.1 To verify and have information on the processing of your personal data, you can have access to the Privacy Policy.

9.2 If you have not already done so, please read our Terms and Conditions, because they contain important information on the processing of our users’ personal data and our safety systems.

9.3 If you need further information or clarifications on our Privacy Policy, you can send us an e- mail to  or to the address of our main office: Via Abruzzo, 124 – Alba Adriatica (TE) 64011.

10. Enforceable law and dispute resolution

10.1 The General Conditions of Sale are regulated by the Italian law and, in particular, by Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 no. 206, on the code of the Consumers’ Code, Chapter 1 “Consumers’ rights in contracts”, with specific reference to the regulations on distance contracts, and Legislative Decree 9 April 2003 no. 70 on some aspects regarding e-commerce.

10.2 In case of disputes caused by the infringement of the General Conditions of Sale, we guarantee you from now on the agreement and acceptance of the conciliation service RisolviOnline. This service is independent and institutional, directly provided by the Chamber of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce in Milan, allowing to reach a satisfactory agreement between both parties. Through and thanks to the help of a skillful and neutral conciliator, you can reach a safe and friendly agreement on the Internet.

11. Modification and updating

11.1 The General Conditions of Sale may undergo some modifications or updating in consideration of possible regulatory changes.

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